Abstract Art

Abstract Art Sculpture - The Swan by Nicole Saynara
Nicole Saynara – The Swan

“Art will save the world,” said the Ascended Master Adamus St. Germain (channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe / Crimson Circle). If the world really needs saving is another question. However, abstract art was a huge part of my personal journey deeper into life. Also, I got a totally different understanding of art.

Truth is I always wanted to be an artist. I decided this around the age of four. And then everything came different. I chose a “normal career” instead and told myself I wasn’t good enough to create any art in the first place. So I focused on writing. Also, because it came easy to me. But there never was this deep sense of love I feel when watching and/or creating abstract art.

Following pieces were created after my spiritual awakening. They helped me to discover more of myself and maybe the one or other artwork may inspire you now. If so, let me know what it inspired you to?